Hood - Jenny Elder Moke

Review :

Did everybody else know that Robin Hood was real And if so, THEN HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME

Now that I am aware of said fact, the Robin Hood I think of will not be the gritty, dour Russel Crowe version, but the eponymous character from Elder Moke's HOOD. It isn't a retread origin story however, at least not in the classic sense. HOOD follows Isabelle, a young woman who quickly learns that she is the daughter of the infamous outlaw (who again, was real!)

I don't think I've read historical fiction since middle school, but I'm glad I started here. The action sequences are expertly put together, and the plot has a Mad Max-esque feel, where the characters all start out at point A, run scorched-earth to a destination, only to come whipping around the bend and wind up where they began. Moke's got a real handle on distilling a character's wants and worries, and a relaying it in an effective way without hitting the reader over the head. The ending's a real trip too; on three different occasion I thought "okay, here's the wrap-up" only to have something else hit the proverbial fan.

I can also speak to the "Daddy issues" rep, which I think is handled quite well here (though I've heard Moke is want to mock those with such hang-ups in her personal time). Plus, she uses the phrase "the earth is my floor, the heavens my roof" which I really love. If I wrote fanfic, which I don't, but IF I did I would def lift that and pass it off as my own.

In summary: HOOD>>The animated fox one>>Russell Crowe>>Monsieur Hood (Shrek)

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