Review :

I was so happy when I finally received this book! I won it through Good Reads First reads and was waiting impatiently for it to come in the mail.

First off this book is so pretty. I wasn't expecting a finished copy but I'm so glad I did! The cover is really eye catching and the inside doesn't fail to excite! With wonderfully coloured typography and simple doodle-like illustrations the only thing that could be more fun than making the recipes is reading about them!

That being said the recipes in this book are amazing! They are quick, simple, and prefect for gifts to friends, family, co workers and yourself! There are few ingredients that you would have to go out and buy, most everything in this book is made from what you can find right now in your kitchen cabinet!

Everyone wants to pamper themselves, but they don't want to dig deep or pay an arm and a leg to do so; if that sounds like you then look no further than 'Homemade Beauty'!

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