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I have been interested in holistic wellness ever since my friend brought it up to me. My friend is very into the holistic practices and has used them for a long time now. I decided that I wanted to learn more about holistic wellness, so I decided to download this book to see what I could learn about it. I would say that I liked that many different authors worked together to create this book. You get a lot of different ideas on holistic wellness and how it can be useful to your life. I also liked that the information was easy to understand. I had no prior knowledge of holistic wellness, so I was glad that the material was easy for me to get. There are many holistic guides on the market, but this one is unique in that the authors really just want to share their knowledge with you. It's all very factual and helpful information. I actually have been suffering from migraines for quite some time and I wanted to find a solution other than taking pills. I loved the solutions and I noticed that I am feeling a lot better spiritually as well. Just a great book to understand the holistic approach of things.

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