Hitler 1936-1945 Nemesis

Review :

the usual story but well researched and keeping a good balance between the events and the Fuhrer's involvement in them; the chaotic government of the 3rd Reich, the German people's love and admiration for Hitler until quite close to the end and the way the army's leaders hesitation and doubts turned into hubris and enthusiastic acquiescence of Hitler's plans to invade Russia after the quick and decisive victories in Poland and the West are magisterially presented as well as the way the Holocaust happened - the liquidation of the Jewish people enthusiastically pushed by the SS leadership (Himmler, Heydrich and their immediate subordinates), while being modified to fit the circumstances (from the wild ideas about expulsion of the Jewish people to Africa when Hitler still cared about international opinion, to the decision about the "final solution" once the war started, first envisioned as Siberia where they would be worked to death once Russia was defeated and then finally the death camps in Poland once the Russian campaign stalled at Moscow in the winter of 1941 the clear progression which Himmler and his acolytes pushed non-stop, while Hitler gave them authority to do it is presented with evidence)

highly recommended and a definitive guide to the subject

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