Helen Scott - Cerberus 1 - Daughter of Persephone

Review :

Come On Down.....

Can you imagine one day you are serving drinks to a bunch of old horn dogs and the next thing you know you are being told you are the queen of hell by 3 gorgeous hunks Well that's exactly what happened to Poppy. And that's not all, she has to bond with them all, well not all cause one of them is kind of a grouch, oh did I forget to mention she gets a fourth one too.

To top it all off they are all Hellhounds, in order to better protect her from what is to come before they get to the underworld so she can claim her throne, she has to do the dirty, or not so dirty deed with them. So now that she has accepted her horrible, or not, lot in life, begins her trials and tribulation in order to get down there...I should get so lucky!

This is going to be quite the journey with Poppy, Nolan (Grouchy) Emmett, Knox and Nolan and I can't wait!

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