Hegel A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) (2001, Oxford University Press, USA)

Review :

That Hegel does pose a challenge is undeniable. Commentaries on Hegel are studded with references to the 'Himalayan severity' of his prose, to his 'repulsive terminology', and to the 'extreme obscurity' of his thought.

another (commentator), Richard Norman, deals swiftly with this section, saying: 'since I find large parts of it inaccessible, I shall say little about it.

Peter Singer lays out his principal aim in the preface - reader comprehension. To that end, he skips vast swathes of Hegel's works, takes a circuitous route from some of his later, more accessible books (Lectures on the Philosophy of World History and Elements of the Philosophy of Right) to "the rocky pinnacles of the Phenomenology" ( Phenomenology of Spirit) and Science of Logic, and then takes the reader back the same route to provide a more unified view of Hegel's body of thought.

And he succeeds, magnificently. The introduction is extremely accessible, Singer anticipates perfectly where the reader might falter, and usually manages provide a good analogy to pave the way.

The model VSI.

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