Heather Sunseri - In Darkness 5 - Desired in Darkness

Review :

Kudos to the author by book Number 5 the author has managed to make sure the characters of Agent Fairfax and Declan are still appealing that I read this book in one setting. This is not to say the first four books were bad they were good but this book is better. The author has managed to keep the characters relevant and just as determined if not more so to solve the case. Sometimes when you reach a book level past the first three books the story becomes repetitive and boring but not in this case the story.

Keeping track of the characters from book 1 namely Brooke, Declan, and Dimitri, Mari, Carlos, Michael and the director of the FBI Brooke's father the author has managed to keep these characters in the loop with active parts not just fitting them in were they just might work they actually play significant parts in the story line.

I can't wait for the next installment in this series if there is one I just feel like their story still not over.

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