Heather Sunseri - In Darkness 3 - Covered in Darkness

Review :

I read as slowly as I could, because...


This author continues to blow my mind with every book in this series. She is outstanding, Heather Sunseri is such a talented storyteller.

This is romantic suspense at its best. Besides the absolute stellar character development, the story lines are new and fresh in every book.

It's interesting to delve deeper into Declan's past, and how it intersects with the Russians overtaking the power grid. And Dimitri, a big part of Declan's past is quite the interesting character. On top of all that Romeo is still a step ahead of everyone.

And the best part...Brooke is as kick ass as ever, I can't wait to delve deeper into her past. And I need Brooke & Declan's HEA. This series is so good, this author's talent is epic.

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