He Started It - Samantha Downing

Review :

There is no sophomore slump here. None! At all!!

I read 300 books last year and My Lovely Wife was my favorite. I loved this EVERY SINGLE BIT as much!

I loved being in Beth's head as she was forced to take this road trip from hell with her dysfunctional siblings, nerdy husband and new sister-in-law. She is wily, wry, hilarious, snarky, sad and a teensy bit crazy.

The ending blew me away. Brava!! I just cannot...

Reading this book made me feel like I got to hang out in Samantha Downing's head for a few days and it was a super fun place to be. (We both appreciate double battered onion rings and therefore should be besties, but I digress.)

Grab this the second you can. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Thank you Goodreads for selecting me as a winner for this giveaway!

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