he came to set the captives free

Review :

This is an amazing, absolutely true story. Rebecca brings up Bible verse after Bible verse to support every fact she shows, and thousands of brilliant, famous men have claimed that the Bible is the rock upon which we stand. My parents told me that I had to read this before the first Harry Potter, and after consideration, I enjoyed this more. Harry Potter was written by a Satanist, based on Wicka training grounds, and is trying to get children to try out 'magic' school. This was straightforward, told you the absolute truth, and altogetherly well written and made to glorify God.

Yes, I've seen the comments claiming that Rebecca is Skytsophrenic(sp), but, as she said, Skytsophrenia(sp) is a common thing used by those anti-Christ to bring the truth down, to make it look like the delusions of a crazed mind.

Also, did you know that this book is used in police officer's training so that policemen can know what they're dealing with when facing the Occult Surely if the policemen succesfully use all the methods in this book, then it must be real. How could a crazy person's delusions be used by the government

All in all, I have to say that Rebecca Brown, MD, is not overreactive, prone to hallucionations, or insane.

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