Happiness A Memoir The Crooked Little Road to Semi-Ever After

Review :

"We understand that nothing given is permanent. Not wealth or well-being, not sweet dreams or morning coffee. Not a daughter or a son, a husband, lover, friend, mother. Anything, everything, is up for grabs, can fly back from whence it came."

I have made an active choice not to have children. I am long past changing my mind, and still this book nearly convinced me that I am missing out on something I might regret. This despite the fact that the story is about how the author had a very sick baby girl on her own. Her boyfriend didn't want to accept his role as father, so they broke up when Heather found out she was pregnant. A few months after her birth, Gracie's father Brian does return to the picture to become a very doting father.

"I pictured Brian as Captain Kirk from Star Trek. It felt as if he was returning via transporter, from a long journey, rematerializing in our lives, particle by particle."

Gracie herself is a plucky child, full of humor and insight. She was born with a mysterious blood disease that caused the red platelets in her blood to disintegrate, meaning regular transfusions were necessary. Regular blood transfusion lead to a build up of iron, that tends to be fatal in the long run. The book describes Heather and Brian's struggle in deciding what is best for their child.

"Lifesaving medical care is the kind of thing you buy whether you can afford it or not. And so we prepared to go disastrously broke."

This is an insightful, heartwarming and wrenching tale from real life. It's full of humor, despite the theme of dangerously ill child. I am so glad I saw it on Reese'sBookClubxHelloSunshine instagram page, it's unlikely I would have found my way to it otherwise. Highly recommended!

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