Greek Myths Meet the heroes, gods, and monsters of ancient Greece - 2020

Review :

Growing up I loved Greek myths, but my schools didn't offer many books on them. I googled them on the Internet, but nothing was as fun as a good book growing up. I'm super pumped to grab a non-fiction children's book about greek myths! Ah, what a time!

There's a brief introduction to Ancient Greece and myths before the real action starts. Once you're in, it gets going and it's great! It brings to life the famous greek myths about how the world came to be, and it's told in a really compelling way with exciting pictures with it. Many (and I mean MANY) of the gods get bios as well as their stories told. It's a great collection that is made fun, fast and addicting. I honestly wish this would have been around for my greek studies back in grade school! This is a marvellous resource I highly recommend!

I absolutely love the art work. It has those greek mural vibes and was really impressive! Those stood out massively to me since they were so gorgeous and attention grabbing. Easily middle graders up to adults will enjoy this book.

Five out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and DK Children for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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