Good Thinking Teaching Argument, Persuasion, and Reasoning by Erik Palmer

Review :

It won't solve all our problems. It isn't a magic wand to suddenly gift adolescents the ability to analyze or write argument.


It is infinitely better than guessing what students need in order to grow as thinkers and writers. Instead of guessing "what do they have to do" for state testing, we can start actually talking about good thinking --what it looks like, and how we can practice it together (for reasons beyond and much more important than state testing).

This isn't a program or a template or a tidy list of threr-must-dos for students. It also isn't an ELA-only book. Social studies, math, science, all content areas, could benefit from the thinking in this book. It is a great foundation of teachers have better conversations with one another (instead of spinning our wheels wondering why kids can't write good claims or do anything with evidence) so that the conversations we have with students in the classroom can help them grow independent thinkers.

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