Gods & Monsters The Gods & Mon - Janie Marie

Review :

Where to even begin Gods and Monsters book one was like a rollercoaster ride, it shook you up, made you feel like your insides were going to come out of your mouth and you were gonna vomit all over the place while simultaneously crying and laughing like a maniac. It's hard to believe you even survived it. All of that is nothing compared to book two, The Fallen Queen. No, The Fallen Queen was like base jumping out of a fucking plane. Without a parachute, butt ass naked with the whole world watching, just praying you have some kind of trick up your non existent sleeve like super strength or the ability to fly. Book two of Janie Marie's Gods and Monsters trilogy had me on my knees begging for the main character Jane's pain to end and for the perfect David and the seemingly unstoppable Angel of Death to swoop in and make all of it better with a few bandaids and some steamy make out sessions. Well, be prepared for that NOT to happen. Be prepared to laugh like a maniac and cry tears of blood or acid or something that hurts because goddamn are you going to have your heart ripped out and left bare. If a book doesn't pull you in like a riptide and leave you gasping for breath, then it's not worth the read, and this book does that and so much more. I thought I was prepared, but it may honestly be too much to prepare for. So grab a box of tissues, maybe some bandaids and a clean pair of panties, because you are in for an action filled, groundbreaking, sexually frustrating, blood splattering hell of a ride.

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