Getting Results the Agile Way A Personal Results

Review :

This was an eye-opener for me. It really changed the way I systemized my life. For the longest time I've followed the GTD method, and while it's still effective, there are parts of it that made me feel GTD was more effective as a project management system and curating information for projects as opposed to a full-fledged system to organize a lifestyle. Meier's book is a conclusive approach, thought at times it feels slightly overwhelming at the amount of information that is required to set up a system like that. I imagine to a beginner it might feel too much to plan in this intricate way daily life; however, you can always simplify it. I do not follow Agile to the tee. In fact, I combine both GTD, Agile and my own proven and tried methods. I highly recommend reading the book for any productivity fan.

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