Get Started Preserving

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Preserving foods is more than keeping them in storage in a way that prevents spoilage; it is an art form, too. Putting the two together can be a rewarding experience in more than ways than one. Get Started: Preserving is an excellent guide to learn the basics of preserving foods and provides different recipes encouraging the reader to experiment with something new.

Get Started: Preserving is separated into three sections: Start Simple; Build On It; and Take It Further. You'll find everything under the sun as far as recipes go, as they range from simple to complex. Examples of topics and recipes include freezing fresh fruits and vegetables, salt preserving, conserves, cordials, soft cheese, cured fish, and potted meats. Each recipe topic includes an overview of the procedure and possible variations that can be done.

Important topics are covered, too, including a section on Hygiene and Food Safety and The Science of How Food Spoils. The pictures are colorful and clean.

I found it very helpful how this book was laid out, and how each recipe was approached easy to follow. Hands down, Get Started: Preserving will make a valued preserving reference book with gourmet recipes and instructional procedures.

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