Gail Carriger - Delightfully Deadly 2 - Defy or Defend

Review :

This is such a frothy and delicious concoction of a book! It's Cold Comfort Farm with vampires and werewolves, along with the sweetest of all Finishing School graduates sorting them all out into their proper order with the help of a hopelessly besotted fellow spy. It was so much fun to read throughout, and I'm SO glad I did. The perfect comfort/escape read! "Delightful" is exactly the word for it. :)

(Quick note: there is just one content warning I think I ought to mention. There is a lovely subplot in this book about someone figuring out their true gender identity, and it's handled beautifully - but the reason why one particular character handles it so well is because of a REALLY traumatic event in their own family's past, involving transphobia and suicide. It was a genuinely awful moment to read about in an otherwise completely light and fluffy story. The overwhelming message is still very positive - and the trans character in this story has a wonderfully happy arc full of love and acceptance - but it's a CW that felt important to mention just in case.)

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