Fractured Truth

Review :

I know a magic lamp, rub it and... You would think a genie would appear, wouldn't you But nahh... this lamp is different; it pulls you in.
Susan Furlong's book is that magical lamp which pulled me in with the first line and soon found me a cozy place to read the book... I couldn't get out nor did I want to till the last line was read...

A damaged main character Brynn and her deaf three-legged work dog Wilco are the main characters. She is a Pavee, from the travellers or the gypsies clan, who now works for the police, the outsiders, to bring about justice for the dead. The story is similarly themed as book 1 with the fight continuing between the travelers and the nontravelers along with the solving of a murder. In this, it takes a satanic turn with the body of a young girl found in a cave. The mystery from book 1 too continued. Bryn again has to shoulder the balancing act of traversing between both the worlds as well as protecting her grandmother.

Brynn did travel into my heart in this round too; she is not perfect, uses Vicodin and whiskey to keep alive/sane, a war vet with PTSD, but her hidden vulnerability draws me deep into this book. Both the books should be read to see the way the author Susan Furlong has developed Bryn and to being captured by her writing.

The only niggle I can think of is I was angry with Bryn for not taking charge of her life and allowed prescribed meds to rule her body. But then what do I know of being a damaged, scarred war vet... She does clean up her act later.

And yes, I did come out of the lamp to write this review. You can call me the genie and I can grant wishes but only for people who read this book.

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