Fractured by Catherine McKenzie

Review :

4.5 stayed up all night reading stars .5

This is my second stellar book by,Catherine McKenzie, she is fast becoming a favorite! This book sucked me in from the very beginning..... told from dual viewpoints... Julie a successful author who moved her family across the country to avoid a stalker.... and John the husband and father who lives across the street, who might be a little too interested..... it is also told from different time periods... from before the incident... and after the incident... the incident that changed everything... the incident that you don't have any idea of what it is until very late in the book... did Julie get killed Did Julie cause something to happen Or did it have to do with somebody else These are questions I asked myself throughout this book....

This book had such lively and well developed characters... in particular Julie, the author trying to get that second book written after the amazing success of her first novel.... the first book that was said to have been loosely based on real life events, but how close is reality and fiction And now that Julie has moved across the country to escape her stalker has she just found herself in the middle of another nightmare The nosiest neighborhood ever Throughout this book there were exerts from the neighborhood newsletter that were downright hilarious and over-the-top! (Well they were hilarious if you didn't live in that neighborhood)

So as I said this book sucked me in and I literally stayed up all night reading and then at about 85%...... when things started getting revealed, I was like did I miss something This book was way too amazing to end like this.... I was expecting a firework show and I got a sparkler(Just one sparkler) that's not to say I hated the ending... I was just expecting so much more.... it was a nice pleasant happy ending.... but I guess I didn't want nice, pleasant,and happy.... I wanted fireworks!

I would absolutely recommend this book, it was a fabulous page turner, the ending just was a little lackluster... but the book as a whole was wonderful!

~~~ interesting note you can also read a copy of Julie's first best-selling book Julie Apple
Brilliant right Super excited to read this!

This was a Traveling Sister read and as always it was amazing reading with these girls! We all quickly turned those pages.... I believe we were all a little disappointed with the ending.... we also are planning on reading Julie's book together

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