Forbidden Fate (Crowne Point #3) by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Review :


I was enraptured, consumed, gripped from the very first page. Mary Catherine Gebhard WENT THERE with this story, and I am here for ALL of it!

I savoured this book for as long as I possibly could; I really didn't want to leave this world.

Story and Gray's journey continues in Forbidden Fate after the events of Stolen Soulmate (Crowne Point #2). To say this book was a 2020 anticipated read of mine is an understatement. I couldn't wait to get thrust back into this world of elitists - led by the Crownes - who lived in debauchery and followed age-old traditions.

"If our fate is forbidden, then I'll live as a fugitive."

Conflict. Betrayal. Love loss. A romance so forbidden, fate went out of its way to keep Story and Gray apart.

My heart ached. My mind raced. My soul wept. Pieces of me became whole and shattered all at once, yet I welcomed all these emotions with open arms. Hours later, and I can't stop thinking about Story Hale and Grayson Crowne.

Mary Catherine Gebhard, WTF have you done to me

I cannot recommend this series enough! Anyone on the fence, start with Heartless Hero (Crowne Point #1) - Abigail Crowne's book, and can be read as a standalone. You'll see what I mean The obsession is real when it comes to this series!!

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