For Liberty and Glory

Review :

Gaines provides such a balanced look at Lafayette that it is refreshing and fantastic. He presents the good with the bad when it comes to his character. I loved it so much.

He attempts to do the same with Washington, but as I have not read nearly as many books on Wash as I have in Lafayette, I cannot say how well he succeeds.

I love the idea of matching up the timeline of events between the French and American histories. It was a really great take on history and it put things in perspective. It was fantastic.

The only criticism is that it did not go as far in depth as I would have liked, but I also feel that it wasn't meant to. It most likely would have been dragged down by all of the details that were not essential to further the examination of the two timelines.

I truly loved this book. It had everything from sassy commentary to unique takes. I highly recommend it!

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