Follow Me To A Journey around the World Through the Eyes of Two Ordinary Travelers

Review :

(4.5) These#followmeto photos went viral and I've seen them all over Pinterest -- two young lovers leading each other over the globe. It's a lovely idea and I think part of the viral-ness of it came from this idea of this spontaneous way they captured their journeys. But in reality, it wasn't spontaneous at all. It was a photo project. That made it lose a little of its magic, but it's also much more believable that these photos were carefully planned.

I didn't like the amount of Photoshop used to make the backgrounds vivid and create a certain feel. Nataly's beauty was at times distractingly perfect. But I loved that the book was arranged around continents, making it feel like you were experiencing the world with them! Nataly's written blurbs about their journeys were honest and added to the photo project. And the costumes were awesome!

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