Fletcher N

Review :

Carrie Hope Fletcher. The big sister you never had. The sunshine on a rainy day. The master. The 'Hope' to guide the Hopefuls. (that pun is always intended). If you dont love her you're doing something wrong.

This book is a gem. I'm not going to pretend that i didnt already know many of the advices she gave in this book,but come on (!) i'm 22 myself (and i have the most amazing mom to tell me these tricks). But i'm not a 'know it all' by a long shot, so i have to say that i didnt know them ALL! and that reading her way of dealing with life has really taught me a thing or two.
This book could be considered as a guideline. There are some really important advice for teens and even newly adults like me.

I've been watching Carrie's videos since the beginning of it all, and i also loved that little blond girl who was Tom's sister, since McFly were a thing, and me..well a stalker. So reading this book and knowing her achievements both in writing and in acting, just made me (though i have no reason to be) really proud of her!! She is rightly so- a great role model to lots of teens and this book shows exactly why.

Brilliant,funny,brave and heart-warming book... to help you see that you're not alone out there! :)

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