Financial Intelligence A Managers Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean

Review :

Back when I was in college I learned about the beauty of finance and accounting. It was a very interesting subject that I almost decided to switch course and be an accountant. Nevertheless, up to this day, I still find accounting not just exciting but very useful.

This book by Karen Berman and Joe Knight is an excellent primer for any non-accountant managers who want to understand what the numbers really mean. It is very easy to understand and full of insightful stories (and sometimes jokes) that will make the reading experience worthwhile.

I have to confess that I tried to read this book several months before but stop myself because I thought this will demand that I bring out my calculator. Well I was wrong. The book has full of easy to understand examples and computations that will make us learn how a business works from financial standpoint.

I urge everyone who is running a business to read this. The insights here are very useful so one would understand why a business is taking a particular course of action (especially those that seemed ridiculous and shaded with office politics). This book will not make you an accountant. This book is carefully written with the non-financial person in mind. Whether you are an manager, a front-line employee, or just someone who wants to learn about business, you will surely get something that you can use right away from this book.

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