Fight for Liberty Defending Democracy in the Age of Trump

Review :

"Fight for Liberty" has persuasively articulated what many have been thinking for the past several years. The dangers to our liberal democracy and the world's aspiration to follow is not simple to assess or cure. We've neglected to sustain our collective understanding of the foundations that keep our democracy thriving and help inform America's role on the world stage. This collection of essays builds a strategic vision to right our ship based on our shared aspirational values, weaving together historical perspective with current events.

The collection of essays is divided into three sections, each inspiring a different response by the reader. 1) "First Principles" had me wanting to reach out and shake the hands of the authors for reminding me of our mission statement. 2) "Threats" had me grumbling, but not in a partisan sort of way, but rather in an acknowledgment of where our attention ought to be focused. 3) "Solutions" had me nodding my head about approaches to righting our ship.

A few essays stood out for me and will certainly stimulate many discussions with friends and neighbors. The issue of truth and the free press is covered well in essays by Roger Scruton, Ted Koppel and Mark Lasswell, who is also editor of the collection. The issue of tribalism and immigration, a defining issue of a liberal democracy is discussed in all its historical complexity in essays by John Avlon and Linda Chavez. And the connection between our values and our policies is discussed with clarity by Bret Stephens.

The collection ends on a hopeful note with a short manifesto that ought to be required reading in schools across the country.

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