female orgasm black book

Review :

This is a very interesting book, it is a fan of the work of Dr. Master and Mrs. Johnson who first made Sexology a Scientific study in their work, Human Sexual Responses and Human Sexual Inadequacy. These books highlight with statistics and data many arousal responses and dysfunctions affecting couples during sex. One reading these would singularly believe one's relation with a woman will statistically result in one or another dysfunction. They do recommend methods for which interested parties can overcome their particular dysfunction. However with 75% of women being non-orgasmic from intercourse a sensitive man would be very much worried, with 10 - 15% of women never experience such pleasures in their life. Lee describes men search to please women through lessons from pornography or rummaging through many literature to find a sure method of pleasuring ones femme with an orgasmic gift. Lee breaks down the mystery of a woman's pleasure centers and outline the process of sexual arousal through stimulation and final orgasmic relief. He write a quaint little book recommending a woman should receive at least three orgasms out of the sexual experience to a man's one. Any woman would be absolutely pleased by a man who can experience her in these elusive orgasmic rites. This book is good for a couple in a sexual rut finding themselves no longer attracted to each other. Men who from their in experience in the area of the horizontal arts, are peevish and insecure about sex, can have some security of knowledge and a very good idea of a woman pleasure spots; and some plan for when they meet the monster with two backs. Women can also find this a pleasurable read as they would learn what parts of their anatomy can give them extreme pleasure. Women's orgasmic capability is so much dependent on the experience of the man, so much so that this is a wonderful book for the men and the women alike, equipping men with knowledge women with the Grey's Anatomy of their own body. Some more pleasurable fantasies on the magnetic attraction between the sexes, or splendid agitations of tender parts would be Fanny Hill, Memoirs of A Woman of Pleasure by John Cleland, which outline Fanny life as a prostitute and the various eventualities and sexual encounters she finds of fashionable sensibilities in. Lee does read like a simplified guild, but is simplicity just scratches the surface of the topic. Many a narrative have been written from knowledge of pleasure.

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