Fear Trump in the White House - Bob Woodward

Review :

Kindle Unlimited THOUGH the BOOK itself is NOT

Just from what I read, I really want to read this book. Did you know/link together Woodward's mention of John Brennon {who later had his security clearance revoved by trumpedup for no reason} was the CIA guy over Obama administration's looking into russian election interference {which trumpedup was briefed on when pres elect}, Manafort was asked to step down previously due to advice from Bannon due to his links to russian unreported money {and to the same issues being linked to trumpedup}.

when trumpedup wanted to pull out of NAFTA Bannon was against it, Navarro thought it was great, Gary Cohn {a real billionaire} thought it was totally stupid idea that would affect manufacturing and agricultural jobs...hmmm so Cohn was RIGHT, who'd have thunk a real billionaire would know so much more than a morally, ethically, spiritually bankrupt buffoon who had had 6 corporate bankruptcies and multiple business ones including several sham organizations such as Trump 'charity'/shamity & trump university, who managed to unprecedently banktupt every casino he ran when the 'house NEVER loses', along with a long list of every company he has done, except for the Trump Organization which is currently under investigation for pyramid investment scheme as well as by the NY AG & NY IRS, that one about their screwing over the State for inheritance taxes actually owed among too many to count shady 'business' practices by Fred Trump & Trump family & organization in general

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