Fair Warning

Review :

Jack McEvoy is back and I am loving it!!

It is no secret that Michael Connelly is my favourite author ever and to have a new Jack McEvoy book come out is such a thrill. The Poet is one of my favourite books so I was so happy to have Jack back in my life again.

And it did not disappoint one bit. I read this along side another die hard Connelly fan and we both wanted to both devour and savor it. It has been a while since we caught up with Jack so there was some catching up to do.

Jack is now working for Fair Warning, a non profit consumer protection news website. He is a journalist who cares about his stories and the people that he writes about. On arriving home one night he is met by 2 LAPD police officers. A woman, Tina Portrero has been murdered, brutally. Her neck was twisted so hard that her spine has been severed. Jack had a one night stand with Tina a year ago and is being questioned in relation to the murder. The victim had confided to friends that she was being cyber stalked.

LAPD come down hard on Jack and he senses that there is a story here. He reaches out to Rachael Walling, his former girlfriend and work colleague. She now has her own business after being dismissed from the FBI. Their relationship ended badly, but Jack knows that Rachael will not be able to resist this case. They soon find that there have been other women murdered in the same way and find a link that they all used a DNA family search company, GT23 looking for unknown members of their families.

Of course this is where it gets interesting and dangerous. Jack and Rachel work alongside Jack's Fair Warning colleague Emily and uncover links to a serial killer. The DNA aspect of the story was interesting and frustrating, knowing that it was all based on fact. These days it is easy to see this sort of thing happening and it is scary!

As soon as I picked this book up I was completely invested in the story and characters. I love the way that Michael Connelly writes, you feel as if you are in LA going on this investigation with the characters. Jack and Rachel's relationship is bumpy as always. They need each other more than they know and are both as stubborn as each other.

I look forward to more Jack McEvoy books now Mr Connelly - please!!!

Thank you so much to Allen and Unwin for my advanced copy of this book to read.

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