Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

Review :

4.5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)
(BR with Patty)

Caleb Pierce is the eldest son out of three brother. He has worked for his father since a young age learning the family business. Pierce Brothers Construction has been in his family for generations & it's worth millions. The business has always been Cal's legacy & his future. He's invested everything in this company, & is passionate about building houses. Pierce Brothers has a reputation for being the best & is known as one of the biggest firms in the Northeast for customized building.

Cal was always the one to stay by his fathers side. When his dad suddenly passes away, Cal is prepared to take the reins of the company only to learn that his father changed the terms of the will. His dreams of running the company come to a halt when he finds out the will stipulates he must work together with his two younger brothers he hasn't seen in over five years. Dalton & Tristan were once his world, & are now like complete strangers after conflict tore their family apart. Trying to control them from the grave, the will says they must all three live under the same roof & to inherit Pierce Brothers they will need to be co-owners & work side by side for one year. The have to make a profit to keep the company. All the brothers involved in the business, or none at all.

As the brothers work to save Pierce Brothers, a sassy southern belle from South Carolina blows into town. Her name is Morgan Raines. Morgan is an interior designer who designs dream homes for wealthy famous clients. Her current clients want a home in Harrington, & Morgan heard Pierce Brothers is the best. She will do whatever it takes to get them to build her clients home. When she meets the contractor, she is extremely attracted to him. He meets every one of her hot construction worker fantasies she could ever think of. He's absolutely mouthwatering gorgeous even if he is a bit of a jerk. They clash at first, but after some time find they work well together.

Eventually their attraction can't be denied. They've tried to not mix business with pleasure, but they want each other bad. Morgan has focused on her career for so long, & her sex life took a back seat, but with the way Cal is coming on to her, she can't resist him. They decide to have some fun together while she's in town, & when the job is completed they will part ways. Feelings develop & things get more complicated than either planned for. They both want more & decide to see where things go. I loved this story & can't wait for Dalton & Tristan's books up next! :D

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