Every Little Piece of Me (Orchid Valley Bo - Lexi Ryan

Review :

Every Little Piece of Me by Lexi Ryan is the First book in the Orchid Valley Series. There is a Prequel called 'Every Little Promise' that really starts their story but you could make this a standalone if you wish to do so. But, with that said... I think it helps to read that first to fully enjoy the their story. This continues the story of Brinley Knox and Marston Rowe. Marston was a orphan who had to work for everything he had but he always had feelings for Brinley. Brinley had a totally different life with rich parents who where all about status and looks. But Brinley loved Marston so they had a secret relationship that came to a end when tragedy in Brinley's family happened. Now about 10 years later in their current day they meet again in Vegas where they have a passionate night. But we learn that their status in life has changed where Marston is a very well off business man and Brinley is still working to please her family but this time by doing a marriage of convenience to help her family. But that night had more than just passion but Brinley doesn't remember it so Marston going to remind her and claim her fully. Enjoyed their story.

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