Every Body Yoga Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body

Review :

There is a lot that I like about this book, and the funny thing is taht I learnt of this amazing woman before getting the chance of reading the book, and I was already in awe: she had to struggle as she didn't seem to fit in the "clasical, stereotypical" image of a yoga practitioner, but she kept on and after various struggles she won. She showed the world you don't need to be skinny, or white, or spend tns of money on clothes or equipment to practise yoga and have fun and relax doing it.
So I liked that the book presented us with sort of a bio/memoir about the author's experience with all of the above, celebrating how she kept going on and struggling to get where she was and her accomplishments, and also presenting an array of yoga poses demonstrated by her.
To be honest, I still have to give them a go, but it is cool to know there is this book to help out, so much with the yoga as with the motivation of keeping on to get where you want to be :)

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