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My personal software project was overwhelming me, my rampant ideation increasing scope beyond sanity. Without a business expertise background, I sought simple summary of the key concepts, to discover how I may bring my messy priorities under control. Skimming all dozen 'project management' related books I found in the bookstore, this one stood out. It exactly spelled out & illustrated intelligently, in small dosages chosen aptly spread across it's pages, a logical progression from the most basic concept, each subsequent page refining my understanding and giving me many 'aha' moments. And it accomplished this with well-thought, simple sentences. The polar opposite of the 'Dummies' books I abhor endless babbling that never gets to the succinct point fast enough for me, by any measure. It introduced the relevant terminology, and emphasized it as necessary, to keep me focused on learning what was not in my normal lexicon / magic bag of skill, whereas many other authors I'd quickly tune out and begin ignore early into reading. It helped me identify stakeholders I've been ignoring, pulling me out of my rabbit hole world focused too much on some wrong things. While my endless ideas weren't exactly prioritized, nonetheless it very much helped me figure out my own filter and priorities, cutting through the noise of my mind. And very much thankfully for my case, the little book focused enough on the 'concepts of PM' and not excessively on 'the other people' which was a rare boon in all these books. (Incidentally: as the decidedly sole developer on this project, I chose to imagine the individual people mentioned as 'mental roles' in my own mind, realizing I probably won't immediately find a book that focuses on a single person project. Certainly doing an entire complex project alone poses it's own unique problems, which, I cannot expect this/most book(s) to advise adequately. )

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