Esoteric Empathy A Magickal & Metaphysical Guide to Emotional Sensitivity

Review :

Highly informative and intelligent book! There is so much psychology in this book intertwined with information over magick and some religion. This book covers the subject of Empathy from a psychological and metaphysical perspective and goes into great detail about: what empathy is and is not, different types of people and personalities (sociopaths, psychopaths, antisocial personality disorder, narcissism, etc.); furthermore, it tells how empathy should be used according to the individuals personality. Also, it covers how empathy can be used on a larger scale for social justice, political causes and philanthropy. It talks about different religions and how empathy can be used on individuals with different religious backgrounds. Moreover, empathy for animals is covered and shows how empathy can be used to bond with our animal companions. It reiterates the importance of the difference between empathy and sympathy and how both can be used interchangeably (or simultaneously.) This book is a work of art. I highly recommend this for people into the metaphysical studies, religious studies (to some degree) and people who merely just want to hone in on their emotions and develop unity with others, humanity and the universe. This book can help you develop to some extent (lesser or more) your intrapersonal awareness, emotional regulation, introspective skills, interpersonal awareness and interpersonal skills. Anyone who has ever attended therapy for emotional issues, or anyone who has ever gone to counseling for a mental health illness, would greatly benefit from reading this book (just pay no attention to the more religious stuff if you use this more on a therapeutic level.) The author shares some of his own religious rituals and covers some of his own lifestyle to serve as an example for how you can incorporate empathy into your everyday life. He is NeoPagan apparently so a lot of the religious stuff he mentions is Pagan/Wiccan/Witchcraft related. Other religions are mentioned though. Overall, I applaud this author for writing a masterpiece over an emotion that is hard to come by in today's society and even harder to develop without proper knowledge. Awesome book!

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