Enviromedics The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health (1)

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"The individuals and interests who typically stand to benefit from a polluting activity are not the same as the ones who will suffer the adverse health and other consequences."

"Acute on chronic is the sudden deterioration in a person's chronic medical condition because of external forces beyond their control."

"If we continue to foul our environment, more people on the margin f poor health may be impacted adversely."

"There are four main environmental stressors from which adverse health effects might originate: rising temperature, extreme weather events, rising sea level and increased atmospheric carbon dioxide."

"Global warming will cause losses of biodiversity in temperate and tropical regions of the world. Warming temperatures and unpredictable weather will cause net decreases in agricultural yields and undermine food security and human nutrition."

"Sea level rise will force the displacement of up to 50 million citizens of low lying island nations."

"A hotter climate will disproportionately burden the most vulnerable including lower socioeconomic communities and the elderly."

"Floods account for approximately half of weather related disasters, affecting 2.3 million people worldwide over the past twenty years, but droughts are the biggest killers, accounting[ for 59.6 percent of extreme weather related deaths."

"The most widespread health impact from drought is malnutrition."

"Insufficient water availability is a defining feature f droughts."

"Flood is the most common natural disaster. Days after the flood, the risk of infectious disease spikes due to exposure to stagnant and contaminated water."

"After flood waters recede, the emotional trauma remains; life is never the same. Knowing how to survive a wildfire or flood is not nearly as good as not having to endure them."

Climate refugees will play out like mass human displacements. Although people can change their address, nations can not yet do this. The physical and mental health challenges of cultural assimilation on such a massive scale will be formidable."

"People migrating on short notice are frequently ill equipped and unprepared for the strenuous journey."

"More than 1.6 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water."

"Agricultural uses currently account for 70 percent of the Earth's water."

"60 percent of the world's population live in water basins shared by two or more nations."

"Heavy rainfall can easily exceed and overwhelm the most robust sewage treatment systems."

"Standing water after flooding can become contaminated with sewage which can affect drinking water and result in diarrhea which will lead to dehydration illness and death."

"Feel a sense of responsibility for your fellow humans."

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