Review :

I just got the book Jesus Calling in the mail today. It's a 365 daily devotional book. I normally do not like these books as most of them are very trite and do not make the reader dive deep into Scripture and your own walk with God. They tend to deal with surface issues. Sarah Young has opened up her life to us in this work of hers.

She gives a background of how she came about to write this and I'm absolutely amazed at what the Lord has brought her through. She took time every morning to listen to God and write down what she felt He was saying to her through the Word and just in her listening time. I have only read today's entry, but am totally hooked on it. I was encouraged and rebuked at the same time to get the most out of my quiet time with God every day.

I highly recommend this devotional to anyone who is struggling to figure out how to start their devotions or to add onto what they are already doing. I thought I would read it for a few days and then give it as a gift to someone. No way. I'm keeping this book! I look forward to having the Lord help me listen to Him in my times with Him alone. Go out and buy this book! NOW!

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