Empower Yourself

Review :

I love the cover, the paper, the content, the pastel colored illustrations and everything about the whole book. I always felt attraction to hold then read the book whenever I passed through my bookshelf, hahaha. The book radiates good vibration (really) so for me it is a blessing to have this magical book on my hands. The cover color (my fav) and the content inside attract happiness, confidence and self healing to me. And I already feel like Miranda as my mom through the book, as it is such wise advices to a daughter from her beloved mom. Thank you Miranda, for the book (and for being inspiration to me) :)<3

I recommend this book to whoever who loves affirmation as a tool to reach a better-you in a lot of self aspects, without feeling bored because this book totally have the magical touch of creativity and wisdom at the same time. It is worth to have.

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