Emperors of the Ice A True Story of Disaster and Survival in the Antarctic, 1910-13

Review :

Blind as a bat, a poor navigator and inexperinced with dogs Aspley George Benet Cherry-Garrad never thought he would realize his dream of becomming an explorer. He considers himself the luckiest man alive when he is chosen to accompany Robert F. Scott's expedition to Antarctica. In addition to reaching the South Pole, Scott had many scientific experiments planned for the expedition. One of these was to journey to Cape Crozier to gather the eggs of the Emperor Penguin. Cherry accompanies Bill Wilson and Birdie Bowers on this amazing journey. They endure temperaturs of -77 F, watch their frostbitten fingers swell like sausages and avoid ice chasms to gather 3 precious eggs. Cherry is also responsible for supplying on of the depots for the polar party and is there when the expedition members find the remains of the polar team. Cherry is deeply affected by the death of his friends.
Based on Cherry's writings and told in his voice, Farr does a remarkable job of bringing the expedition memebers to life. The book includes many contemporary photographs, maps and a list of sources. A must read for fans of adventure and survival stories.

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