Emergence- Seven Steps for Radical

Review :

I have been studying self-improvement principles for more than a decade. I was shocked, surprised and elated when Derek enlightened me to the concept that self-improvement was an oxymoron. It was as if a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders and that decades of relief happened in about two sentences.

Derek takes what we have heard from so many wise teachers and arranges the puzzle pieces in a way that finally made sense to me. He uses real life examples from his own life on how he his teaching concepts created change for him. These have been extremely helpful. Learning theory is one thing and hearing how they are applied in someone else's life really help me to be able to apply them in my daily life.

I'm super pleased with Derek's book, the course content, I've since found his podcasts online which are incredible, signed up for his coaching course which has been great. Want to dip your toe into the law of emergence Buy this book and I am confident that just one chapter will change your life and each subsequent chapter will open your eyes to a new way to see your life, your ability to achieve your dreams, your reason for being on this planet, and so much more.

Jessica Lynn Allen
Joyful Parenting Expert &
Dating Preparation Coach for Single Moms
On a mission to bring more smiles to the world of children by coaching
parents to greatness & living what I teach.

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