Ellie St. Clair - The Victorian Highlanders 3 - Adam's Call

Review :

This is book three of the Victorian Highlander Series. All the books can be read as stand alone but much better read in order. Adam McDougall has a very large family which he loves and fights with as most family do. His has seen two of his brothers find and marry women they love. But he is most happy with his solitude so he can think of his inventions and them build them. He wants to make life easier for others in the Highlands. Unfortunately sometimes he is called to help out with the family's business. They lead British hunting parties on their land to make money to help support village and family alike. Adam has preconceptions of the snobbish English men. Most try to take advantage of them and their land.
Rachel has lived her life doing all that her father, Hardwick Trenton a very ruthless businessman asked. She feels indebted to him. Her mother left her as a baby as she was the ending of an affair. She has had her needs meet but has never been showed affection or love. Her father wants her to marry a young man he has taken under his wing one Vincent Thompson.
Poor Rachel see's right thru Vincent, he wants everything he can get and thinks only of himself. He is from a wealthy family and very snobbiest. She wants nothing to do with him.
Rachel pleas with her father to let her come on a hunting trip to the Scottish Highlands. Surprisingly he lets her. She has no idea how this trip will change her life and show her things she never would have believed of those she loved and trusted.
Adam is not happy to find Rachel in the hunting party and tries to make her stay at the castle with the rest of the women.
Rachel doesn't listen to him, and they both are kinda shocked by their feeling. Both are attracted to the other.
This is book with mystery, a accident, fun, mistrust and learning not to listen to others.
What a great read, it's fast moving and will have a few surprises for you. I hope you give it a try, as I know you will love it.
I received and ARC from the Author and would like to thank her. I am voluntarily giving my honest opinion.

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