Eligible A Modern Retelling of Pride and - Curtis Sittenfeld

Review :

I really enjoyed this one! I am a Jane Austen fan and Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books. Rewrites like this are always a worry because sometimes terrible liberties are taken with the original. However I found Eligible to be everything it should be!
To enjoy it fully you really need to have read the original several times. I have not read anything by Curtis Sittenfeld before but she has a really light touch and a great sense of humour just as Austen herself had. For this reason Sittenfeld's characters came to life in exactly the same way they did in the original. Of course a few things have to change as the story is rewritten into the modern day and Darcy and Lizzie's romance is a lot more than just glances and smiles - a lot more.
The whole thing was very well written and very entertaining. I laughed my way through it.
Very well done Ms Sittenfeld and I will be reading more of your work as soon as possible!

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