Economics Rules Why Economics Works- When It Fails- and How To Tell The Difference

Review :

In Economics Rules Dani Rodrik presents one of the best defenses of economics. Although insider to the discipline, Rodrik is not orthodox free-market ideologue, as many people imagine most economists; but he isn't far-left "debunker" either.

For Rodrik, economics is a science based on multiplicity of models which apply to the reality under different circumstances. And true economist must not seek the best model, but use many of them and understand their limitations. Models need not be complex, because simplicity allows to grasp only what is the most important for analysis; and it is ok to use math, because math makes thinking behind models clear and easier to test empirically. Apart from defending economics, Rodrik tries to explain how to choose between models (it's not that easy), tells about recent developments that dramatically changed the discipline, and criticizes some of his fellow economists for biased and protective attitude towards markets.

Short and very readable, this book should be interesting both to those who work in economics and strive to become better at it and to all others who just want to know about the current state of social science.

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