Don't Feed the Monkey Mind How to Stop the Cycle of Anxiety, Fear, and Worry by Jennifer Shannon

Review :

Just like many reviews I also have general and social Anxiety. I have struggled most of my life with it not really knowing what it was until the last 6 years ago. I hated and loved being around crowds. I would go home and analyze ever last thing I said hoping I didn't say the wrong thing or make people think I was a werido. Than I would get myself so tired up in knots I wouldn't be able to eat or sleep for days on end.
I struggled daily to find peace and while I do take care of my anxiety not in the natural way this book was a great guide to understanding anxiety in general. The author write using the analogy of the "Monkey Brain" which make understanding anxiety simple as well as the fun illustrations that she uses to help digest they more dryer and medical side to Anxiety make this a very enjoyable read.

The author tells her personal struggles with anxiety and even shares that fact she had anxiety writing this book which helps the readers relate to the author on a more personal level.
This book takes a story of feeling lost, crazy and unable to find peace of mind and fill in the details
The author includes quizzes and exercisers that are great suggestions to cope with anxiety. Several are very tradition and others are very innovative.

If you love someone dealing with Anxiety read this book and help them find the peace and guidance they need.
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