Dodging Energy Vampires An Empath's Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power

Review :

More than one trusted friend had recommended this book to me. Therefore, I chose it for READ ANYTHING BY Christiane Northrup in READ, the library's adult book club.
*We would have discussed this on April 11, 2020 @ the library but, due to the virus, unfortunately we will not have the opportunity.
I really liked this book because it showed me that the actions I have been taking to have healthier relationships do keep me safe and do preserve my energy. Hurray! My favorite chapter in this book was: STANDING AS THE LIGHT YOU ARE. (The final chapter.)
These are some direct quotes that resonated with me (especially during this surreal time):
*Everything that you do for yourself makes it safer for others to do better for themselves. Everything you do for you, you're doing for the whole--for the place where we are all connected.
*We are here to feel and clear dark emotions from the collective, and speed up the return of loving-kindness to the planet. Every time we feel pain, sorrow, guilt, or longing, it is not just ours. We are actually feeling and clearing that particular kind of pain and sorrow for everyone. This is the profound service for which we were born.
*When you reject the intangible, you decrease your access to the light, and that's when the dark sits on you.
*You have immense amounts of wisdom, so let your wisdom dissipate your fear. As Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book BIG MAGIC, fear will always be with us. It's not going away. But it doesn't have to drive the car. You can put it in the backseat. And not let it choose the radio station. I wouldn't buckle its seat belt either if I were you. No need making it feel more secure.
*But your Divinity is written in your DNA the minute you rise to the occasion of being the light.
*One of the most provocative things that Jesus said was "These things and more, you shall do also." And what he meant by that is that we too have the same power that he did. In my view, that is the second coming. When we realize the power we have had in our hearts, minds, and bodies all along.
*Make no mistake, the Darkness is strong and it dies hard. It is pulling out all the stops. And that is why, despite everything you've been told, the more willing you are to love yourself and be the light that you are--which includes radiating joy and optimism--the faster the Darkness will go away. The Darkness and its vampire minions are fighting for their lives. But they know that the jig is up. One person who is light positively affects 10,000 who are in Darkness. It's time to take up the banner of Lightworker.
*You are here to transform darkness into light, so the next time someone pulls at your heart strings--but never, ever does anything for themselves other than feed off your goodwill--tell them to go away. Investigate before automatically assuming that they are well-meaning. This is especially true if they are charismatic or good-looking and at first you feel flattered by their attention. Remember this phrase: "You haven't been chosen. You've been targeted." Then laugh.
*The next time someone is mean or critical, just know that it is your job to clean that up within you.
*If someone is rude or mean to you, just say, "Thank you." And then, either to yourself or to them say, "I'm sorry for your pain. Bless you."
*Deal with what is right in front of you. Not with what you see on the news, which is highly manipulated and designed to keep you fearful and angry. Remember that 70 per cent of what you see on mainstream television is brought to you by the pharmaceutical industry. They have a vested interest in keeping you numb and drugged. Literally.
*In order for you to access your full power as a creative human being, you have to be FOR something.
*Empaths are not meant to fight. We don't have the nervous systems for it. We're too sensitive. Only those with huge egos have the kind of stamina that it takes to fight on and on and on and on. Instead, it is our job to decide what causes truly move our hearts.
*When something comes into your environment that doesn't support the idea that all is well, then don't participate.
*Consume mainstream news sparingly. And with a well-schooled eye as to who is funding it.
*It was as though Alexi was being used as a Divine channel, as though he were put on earth to make the violin sound like that so that the air around him--and throughout the auditorium--healed all of us.
*My body is a tuning fork for this sort of thing. It's how I access Divinity. Your body is the same. You just have to find the right vibration. Identify what lights you up. And when you find it, notice it. Feel it. Expand on it. Talk about it. Take the ride. Don't get trapped in your intellect.
*The zero-sum model (there's only so much to go around so I win, you lose) will be replaced by nature's model. There's enough for everyone.
*As we stand as the light that we are and no longer give our power away to vampires of all stripes, we create a standing wave--a grid of light. A grid that connects us all over the world. And makes it easier to trust ourselves. And what we know and feel. We find our real tribes. We no longer feel alone.
*Together all we have to do is gently press on the door of a new reality. And get down on our knees in thanks.

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