Dirt The Erosion of Civiliz

Review :

There are three books I've read in the past year that have changed my life: Endgame (Derek Jensen), The Vegetarian Myth (Lierre Keith), and now Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations.

Simply put, this book shows the mechanisms behind the philosophies of the other two. While never delving much into value judgments, and light on alternatives, this book's main strength is the clear, scientifically sound history of humans, agriculture, and environmental degradation. It ends with a powerful message - that for all our "progress" the modern, global reach of humanity can still barely feed itself, living harvest-to-harvest, and universally losing soil at a rate that, if left unchecked, will end this global civilization within a century or two - jut as assuredly as the same processes have ended so many others over time.

Required reading.

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