Review :

I LOVED this.

A one sitting read and straight onto my favourite books list, Devolution tells the tale of volcanic eruption, chaos and confusion, whilst one woman and her community face a fight of an entirely different kind

Told via diary entries, interviews and news reports, Devolution is a highly addictive, totally involving tale that harks back to the fears of our childhood, the monsters that roam just beyond our vision, that in this book become horrifyingly real. The characters are pitch perfect, Kate Holland especially so, she could be any one of us thrown into a fight for survival where the smallest decisions can have irrevocable consequences.

The descriptive sense within Devolution is also quite brilliant, the subtle unnerving tones building the fear, some of it visceral and sudden, other parts quietly disturbing. The science is also scarily sound, it isn't that difficult whilst reading it to take the leap into believing it is all too real..

Bigfoot is iconic, a legend born from so many possibilities - Max Brooks takes that here and turns it around on itself, making it in the head of the reader as if it is actually so, Kate's battle is both personal and practical and you will live it with her to the bittersweet, cleverly thought provoking end.

Beautifully imagined, intelligently executed, Devolution comes highly recommended from me.

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