Develop Your Leadership Skills (Creating Success) by John Eric Adair

Review :

"Communication is the sister of leadership" John Adair ( From the Book )

This book by John adair is a simple practical guide for any one who is about to take a team leadership role in any organization. This book talks about basic leadership skills. The author believes that no body can teach leadership to anyone and it is a skill that a person has to continuously learn by being proactive and reflective.

What are the qualities that are necessary for a leader According to the book, some qualities are so fundamentals that without those a leader can lose his credibility. But these skills are not sufficient in themselves alone to make you seen as leaders. qualities of leadership -
1.) Enthusiasm - You won't find a dull leader
2.) Integrity - This quality makes people trust them.
3.) Toughness - Leaders are often demanding people , their standards are high, they are resilient and tenacious.
4.) Fairness - they do not have favorites. they treat individuals differently but equally.
5.) Warmth, humility, Confidence

Also as per the book there are four types of authority commonly found in leaders but the leaders don't rely on only one :

1. Authority by position and rank: "Do this because I'm the boss."
2. Authority by knowledge: Authority flows to the person who knows . example - Captain of a ship.
3. Authority by personality: Charismatic leaders
4. Authority by morals: Some one like Mandela

Now, what functions leaders exactly do There are 8 functions that are fundamental to leadership -

1.) Defining the task : Define What , why and how to do a task
2.) Planning : Planning is key. plan for contingencies, alternate routes. ensure team members are involved.
3.) Briefing: Communicating objectives and plans to the teams effectively.
4.) Controlling: direct, regulate, restrain, and encourage the team members toward completing the tasks and objectives.
5.) Evaluating: Evaluate progress and making adjustments as needed.
6.) Motivating: Understand people's inner needs and how they function to motivate them.
7.) Organizing: structure of people and teams.
8.) Providing an example: Act yourself as how you'd like your team to act.

Also, the book says that great leaders also take interest in developing leaders for future, which I think is true.

I liked this book and rate it 5/5.

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