Designing Adult Services

Review :

WOW! This book was published in 2018 and it couldn't be more accurate or thorough. I wish that the cover art of the really good print resources was more eye-catching.
"Do not forget that we continue to grow and develop mentally through out our lives." This was in the book. This is why adults, just as much as TEENS, kids and Early Literacy are important to Library success.
The book is divided into age categories:
19-20's: careers, GED's, online resources, board games, coffee house concerts
25-30's: entrepreneurship, small biz technology, hot current topics, adulting 101, makerspace projects, pop culture trivia, coloring therapy, poker/game night, speed book dating, mental wellness, cooking, outside of the library outreach book groups (like in a coffee shop)
30's-40's: couples/new relationships/rekindling marriages/single parents social engagement/etc, LGBTQ support was specifically mentioned in this area, Pets, parenting, health literacy,
45's-50's aka Mid Life: Sandwich Generation problem solving, caregivers, understanding diseases and meds, real estate, finance, time management, home improvement, individual health, home d├ęcor, crafts, grants for small biz owners, active seniors, new skills and small business start-up
55-65: Retirement planning, Money saving, eco-living, second career, online sales, travel and vacations,
65-75 aka Baby Boomers and Grandparents: Digital Literacy, Art Journaling and Scrapbooks, Storytellers, Volunteer services/opportunities, and Genealogy
75+: outreach to asst. living, history, journalism, healthy aging, final planning etc
Specialty Adults meaning:
Immigrant Community: ESL classes, understanding the Library 101, Citizenship seminars and assistance, Heritage Month celebrations, Career and Job assistance
Incarcerated Adults: Life and Job Skills through Online resources, Read to Me (online video storytime from incarcerated adults to their children) or Call Me Ishmael (an influential book group of books that helped incarcerated adults cope),
Mentally and Physically Disabled or Handi-Capped: None specific in terms of programs, but library services to be inclusive
LGBTQ Adults: Program ideas include Book Groups and Book Group Speed Dating

These among others are all featured, but the big thing about it is KNOW your community and who you are OR aren't serving and how to do so.

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