Defiant Courage A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance

Review :

Just outstanding! The real heros.

5 stars for lack of higher number of stars! Just an excellent read!

I have read many WW II books and holocaust books. This book revealed to me the really true heros of WW II that were just "people" in Nazi fascist controlled areas. Whatever happened to those citizens of any country that fought with the underground and suffered so much than generals, colonels and majors Who really made a difference and should have been recognized above and beyond those that were trained, educated and bound by rules

This is a fantastic story of every kind of resilience, determination, belief systems, integrity, credibility, social resilience of integrity and of a very beautiful people we rarely hear about, because they don't bear the names of regularly tooted military leaders. Just every day people, a not so every day world, but, an every day belief system

True heros not reported to the world! A complete shame! If one has ever wondered about skill, education, compassion, neighborhood resistance, regional skills and morality, then, this is the top 1% of books to read! I

So sad that, at 64 years of age, this is the first time and book I have read about true heros and the "little insignificant people." Shame upon writers!

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