Dangerous Engagement (Wedlocked Trilogy 1) - Charlotte Byrd

Review :

Dangerous Engagement is the first book in the Wedlocked Trilogy which focuses on Aurora Tate and Henry Asher. Aurora is a girl who has everything she could ever ask for, having very wealthy and successful parents. She lives life feeling as her parents don't trust her to run the company and bored of playing the perfect daughter and friend. Henry is the complete opposite of Aurora. He comes from a very humble background, with a single mother, and works hard to get by and help his mom with bills. Although Henry's aspiration is to become a writer, he works as a teacher and does other work in the summer, where he meets Aurora.
When they first meet, Aurora thinks she's got Henry figured out but he surprises her when he shows her that he is not like the other men she's met. She is curious of this man who she finds is clever and wants to know more about. Aurora and Henry spend their summer together and fall in love but not everything is roses and rainbows. They struggle with the disappointment of Aurora's parents, financial issues, and disagreements. Aurora and Henry are from completely different worlds and will have their relationship challenged as problems arise with Aurora's family, the company, and news of the man she is to marry.

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