Daily Life in Civil War America

Review :

With the outbreak of the American Civil War came a new means of life for the young country of the United States, especially to those living in the south. From the encampment of troops to the Southern elite learning to re-sew their clothing to meet the changing designs and the upkeep of social status; the Civil War era brought about a new era of life in the United States. The definition between 'worthy poor' and 'scoundral' would loose its bearing, particularly in the south. A new life would arise from the rubble of war; each day that the war lasted would draw another line to that life.

This is an extremely interesting look at what life was like during the Civil War era, from clothing design through home design. This is the type of book I would have felt better using when I was in school, an actual look into what life was like rather than memorization of names and dates.

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